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About Us

Renewal Development, a pioneering venture established in 2020 with a unique vision: to rescue, relocate, modernize, and repurpose good single-family homes from growing urban areas to non-urban communities. Breaking new ground with our innovative approach, Renewal proudly introduces a revolutionary business model to the industry.


Our journey commenced with a groundbreaking pilot project, relocating and repurposing a home from Coquitlam to the picturesque Sunshine Coast. This initiative provided invaluable insights, shaping our understanding of the home relocation landscape and informing the development of our flagship initiative: the Home Relocation and Repurposing Program (HRRP).


Since the summer of 2022, RD has been at the forefront of innovation and adaptation, seizing opportunities to refine our processes. From developing a sophisticated home demolition mapping software program to streamline home sourcing, to forging partnerships with developers through affordable housing initiatives, and introducing modernization facilities to enhance efficiency and affordability – every step underscores our commitment to progress.


In an era where circularity advocates traditionally focused on deconstruction, Renewal emerged as a champion of home relocation as a sustainable alternative. Our "Municipal Action Plan" initiative marks the genesis of our mission to elevate relocation as a pivotal component in the discourse of home waste mitigation.


Throughout 2023, in collaboration with the Squamish Nation, Renewal put the components of our HRRP to the test. Notably, the successful rescue, relocation, and repurposing of a 110-year-old schoolhouse, fondly known as the Yellow School House, served as a testament to our dedication to sustainable development and community engagement.


At Renewal, we are not merely creating homes; we are constructing a future where sustainability, innovation, and community thrive in harmony. Join us in reshaping the landscape of housing and environmental stewardship, one home at a time.

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