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shíshálH Nation:
10 Home Rescue

A First of ITs Kind Project

Development done Differently. 

Wesgroup, a leading real estate developer in Canada, acquired 59 single-family homes to build a higher density community at Coronation Park in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Renewal Development, working with our moving company partner Nickel Bros, assessed the fifty nine homes slated for demolition late Winter of 2023. Ten of the homes were determined to be ideal candidates to be rescued, relocated, and repurposed. 

In the Spring of 2023, Renewal Development met with shíshálh Nation leadership to present the opportunity of receiving good rescued homes. The Nation signed an agreement to acquire the ten homes Winter of 2024.  

Renewal Development is in the process of relocating the ten homes from Port Moody to Sechelt, BC. Once delivered, the homes will be modernized with energy efficiency upgrades and modest renovations.

In sum, the Nation will have10 affordable rental units for Nation members on Nation Lands, with the possibility of 9 added basement suites. 


Wesgroup generously agreed to re-allocate its $35,000 / home demolition budget to the Nation to help lower the relocation cost. Renewal Development and the shíshálh Nation provided, in essence, a responsible removal service.  

To the best of local industry knowledge, nothing of this scale, leveraging these partnerships and processes, has happened before here in the Pacific Northwest.


Through their leadership, the shíshalh Nation is demonstrating the possibilities of a ground-breaking, and cost-effective, rescue-repurpose housing solution.

10 Rescued Homes

shíshálh Nation Chief (lhe hiwus) Lenora Joe

“The shishalh Nation’s main goal is to provide new homes for our members on Nation lands.
We are thrilled to work with Renewal Development on this
innovative form of sustainable housing and to pave the way for other Indigenous Nations looking for answers to their own housing needs.”

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