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Own a well maintained home slated for demolition?

Want to save (most) of your demolition | abatement costs?

We could have a solution.

Home Relocation

  1. Can SAVE YOU a substantial portion of your demolition costs.

  2. Can SAVE YOU a substantial portion of your abatement costs (if applicable).

  3. Helps YOU COMMUNICATE being an environmentally responsible developer to your clients, the media, the public and local city councils.

With more municipalities adopting and expanding “Green Demolition/Deconstruction Bylaws” (North Vancouver, Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Victoria, etc.) home relocation will also ensure you are not financially penalized for tearing down the home(s) you own. Home relocation counts as home waste diversion under these green deconstruction programs.

Relocating a 2,400 sq. ft home saves a home owner, on average, $17,000 - $22,625 in demolition, abatement and material waste fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps?

1. We assess if the home is a viable candidate to be relocated.

  • Based on the condition of the interior (photos or site visit) and a review of the hazmat report we determine if the home is worth relocating.

2. Nickel Bros assess if a home is structurally moveable.

  • A route-out assessment is conducted. Road barriers could include trees, overhead power/trolley lines and road width. Not all homes are able to be relocated. It depends on the size/shape and access to a barge site.

  • Homes built on slab-on-grade cannot be relocated.

  • Basements and levels partially below grade cannot be relocated.

3. Sign a Relocation/Listing Agreement.

  • This agreement indicates we, along with our moving company partner Nicke Bros, can market the home to find a new location/buyer and aim to have the home moved by X date.

  • It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party.

What do you need from me (the homeowner)?

1. A Timeline

  • When (roughly) do you expect this home to be vacant? Homes left vacant for too long are susceptible to vandalism and break-ins. Ideally the home can be relocated immediately after tenants have moved out.

2. A Hazmat Report

  • When a hazmat assessment is conducted we ask that test holes be done somewhere discreet, i.e. behind the oven.

3. A Signed Move/Listing Agreement

  • Nickel Bros will provide the agreement template.

4. Disconnection

  • You will be responsible for disconnecting the services before the relocation.

5. Abatement under the home

  • Nickel Bros crews will need access under the home during relocation-prep. Any hazardous materials identified under the home will need to be removed.

6. Remedial Removal

  • Homes get picked-up from the floor joists. Basements/partial-levels are left behind. You would be responsible for clearing the remaining foundation.

What does the Home Mover take care of?

1. Relocation Costs

  • The costs associated with relocating the home (other than the hazmat + disconnection + undercarriage abatement) are covered by the home mover. The larger the home the more this costs.

2. Move-Out/Road Permit Application

  • Nickel Bros will lead in preparing and submitting this application.

How much does this cost me?

This is negotiated on a house-by-house basis based on the condition and value of the home.

Homeowners are often asked to share some of their cost savings with the home mover. This helps cover home relocation costs.

How long does it take?

From the time of a first site visit a home can be moved in as little as 2-3 weeks, however 4 – 5 months is ideal. Having more time to market and secure a home mover increases the chances of the home being relocated.

Can I remove the finishes, cabinets, flooring, etc?

We request the home as is. Finishes, appliances and all. Every year 3,800 homes are torn down across Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria, and we look carefully for the ones in the best possible shape.

About Us

Nickel Bros and Renewal Home Development work in partnership to identify good homes that can be relocated and repurposed.

Renewal redevelops select homes in coastal communities.

Nickel Bros are the lead partner in assessing and relocating all homes.

Home Relocation


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