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75 Veterans Road



Slated for demolition by developers up-zoning a neighbourhood in Coquitlam, BC the Blue Mountain Rancher was an easy choice for our first project. 

At 1,500 square feet, and well maintained, this home seemed like a perfect fit for Upper Gibsons. 


Working with our moving partners at Nickel Bros at midnight on December, 15th 2020 the Blue Mountain Rancher began its trip through a residential Coquitlam neighbourhood and down to a waiting barge on the Fraser River.


After being barged up to Port Mellon on December 16th the salvaged home arrived at its final destination at 75 Veterans Road, Gibsons.

The Winter and Spring of 2021 was a flurry of activity as we added a basement level, renovated and modernized the upstairs, and prepared the slopped garage for solar panels.

PF8A4656-2 copy.jpg
PF8A4674 copy.jpg

We added a 4,500 litre rainwater harvesting system to help ease pressure on the local water reservoir. This past summer there were severe water restrictions on the Sunshine Coast and rainwater catchments became incredibly helpful to sustain vegetable gardens and plants.

We also added 18 solar panels to the slopped garage roof which will produce roughly 8,219 kWh of clean energy per year. This renewable power is sold directly to BC Hydro generating roughly $1,000 per year in revenue for the home owners.


After we added garden vegetable boxes, electric vehicle hook-ups, and finished the landscaping the upcycled home was put on the market and quickly sold to new buyers.


75 Veterans Road proved we could save good homes from demolition and extend their life for new buyers on the desirable Sunshine Coast. 

p80 home garage solar panels copy.jpg
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